Az gti review telescope mount for beginners

skywatcher Az Gti best telescope mount for beginners review

Skywatcher Az gti review telescope mount for beginners

After having deep sky astrophotography expertise, I can say that the telescope mount is essential and necessary astrophotography gears.

I know we all will agree on this that astrophotography is fascinating and challenging because of earth rotation.

As earth rotates we would need EQ mode – equatorial telescope mount in order to rotate telescope in same direction of earth rotation.

As a beginner astrophotographer and amateur astronomer, I would not have that budget to get large aperture telescope and to handle such bulky telescope again need costly telescope mount.

deep sky astrophotography is Expensive but beginners can start with simple and inexpensive gears.

All amateur astronomers will be agreed on my statement that it is an expensive hobby, but we can start with simple setup and most advanced to keep our hobby alive.

I bet most of us stay in City area which has very bright light pollution and no space to arrange these heavy and expensive astrophotography gears in our small space balcony or near window.

You may follow my checklist and tips before going for deep sky astrophotography , if you haven’t ready yet then please read it.

Before buying my first mount, I did lots of research our bunch of websites, blogs but didn’t found exact information in any single post.

I thought to write about telescope mount for beginners along with Sky-watcher Az Gti review and details how to make it works equatorial mode.

I am going to have full setup of Equatorial mount mode of Az Gti in up-coming blog post with accessories needed.

I am also going to have full setup details of Az Gti with ASIAIR.

Sky-Watcher Az-gti telescope mount for beginners
Sky-Watcher Az-gti telescope mount for beginners

Sky-Watcher Az-Gti telescope mount for beginners astrophotographer

When I thought to buy the first telescope mount I had listed down below points before making any decision.

I know that you may have your list and I am happy to hear your points, kindly puts those in the comment area.

  1. Top Most Point is- it must have an “Inexpensive telescope mount.”
  2. the mount needs to be portable so that after the astrophotography session I can quickly pack it and put in the store area.
  3. It needs to be quickly arrange-able, an area like me can have cloud at any time and can have clear sky at any time !!! unpredictable!!
  4. Need to works with EQ mode
  5. It must be suitable for deep sky astrophotography.
  6. Can attach to any tripod, no need to buy any extra one or new for this mount ( IF new tripod then extra $$$ )
  7. Can Handle up to 5-7 Kg weight .- Telescope /Guiding scope /ASIAIR /Battery
  8. Better if it has an in-build battery or operates on battery.
  9. If possible then must be GoTo mount – for deep sky Astrophotography computerized Goto mount is helpful.

After doing two to three weeks of research on various sites day and night, finally one day I come on my conclusion that I am going with Sky-Watcher Az-Gti telescope mount.

I ordered my Az-Gti from Aliexpress , Store guy is very nice guy who helps me to get Az-Gti delivered on time. You may also get it from Amazon.

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Details about Skywatcher Az-Gti telescope mount

Here are the details about Az-Gti based on my analysis

Goto mount – This telescope mount is computerized GoTo mount, Goto can be done via Sky-Watcher App . Deep sky astrophotography will be very easy with Goto Mount.

Wifi control – This telescope mount can control via Wifi and sky-watcher APP. No cables no hand control problem, in the era of portable devices you can control everything of this mount via your Handphone.

Portability – This telescope mount is very portable and can carry anywhere, even this amount is very small in size can fit anywhere. It can handle 5-6 Kg weight without counterweight.

Mode – It has AZ mode basically, but by using new software you can make it as EQ mode, this mount works without any problem with EQ mode Only thing make in mind that you would arrange all gears on the right side. Everything I am going to cover here.

Easy Setup – This Telescope mount can easy setup quickly. Just need to point the north direction, and your telescope is ready for GoTo.

Operate with 8 AA size batteries also has external 12V DC power supply .

I brought rechargeable batteries with last long for whole deep sky astrophotography session. You may buy it from amazon .

How to setup Az Gti for Equatorial Mode

Yes !!! you can change Az-Gti from AZ mode to EQ mode, and that’s a most prominent advantage of this telescope mount.

By default, skywatcher make this AZ Gti for AZ mode, by default firmware installed is for AZ mode, to get this working for EQ mode you would need to install new firmware from the sky-watcher website.

If you haven’t done it yet, then you are missing most advance setup.

You can leverage this mount functionality by below steps.

  1. Download Uploader firmware from sky-watcher website
  2. Download EQ mode firmware
  3. upload new firmware via Uploader into Az Gti telescope mount.

Go to sky-watcher website – >

  • Go and download latest EQmode firmware
Skywatcher AZ Gti EQ mode firmware
Skywatcher AZ Gti EQ mode firmware

You can see on the screenshot two firmware list, and the top one is for AZGti – AZ mode which is already installed in your telescope mount.

AZ/EQ Dual mode is to activate EQ mode for Az Gti telescope mount.

Download the firmware and stored it your PC location.

  • Now download up-loader firmware
skywatcher Az Gti telescope mount Firmware loader
skywatcher Az Gti telescope mount Firmware loader

After this, let’s your PC join the Wi-Fi network provided by the mount’s built-in Wi-Fi or an external SynScan Wi-Fi dongle.

Install Equatorial Mode firmare

Go to windows search and search for MCFirmwareLoader_WiFi.exe and run it

skywatcher Az Gti Goto Wifi telescope mount Firmware loader screen
skywatcher Az Gti Goto Wifi telescope mount Firmware loader screen

Once the connection is made, you will see the above the window. Provide the EQ mode firmware location by pressing browse button in the Firmware file tab

System will automatically takes IP address so don’t need to update it.

Once all done press update button to upload your new EQ mode firmware into AZ-Gti mount. Hurray !!! Your AZ- Gti mount is ready for EQ mode.

I captured NGC5139 with help of this mount and my SVBony SV48 telescope.

I am writing a post to go through EQ mode setup and arrangement of Az Gti telescope mount for beginners.

How to Setup Az-Gti to EQ mode ?

skywatcher Az Gti best telescope mount for beginners review
skywatcher Az Gti best telescope mount for beginners review

My Conclusion

Sky-watcher Az Gti telescope mount is best beginners mount for deep sky Astrophotography along with planetary imaging, and it fulfills all required ingredients needed for beginners, inexpensive, easy to handle and arrange, compact in size, portable.

This scope is worth in EQ mode and its working like a champ for me while doing deep sky astrophotography and planetary photography. I am going to publish a post about EQ mode arrangement and how it will be set up along with ASIAIR to get advanced astrophotography.

My SvBony SV48 900/50 refractor is working perfectly with this mount. So I would recommend this mount as best and must buy who are thinking to get their first mount for deep sky astrophotography.

Kindly comments your questions or feedback, if you like it then kindly do sharing .

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