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My astrobalcony from where i used to capture deep sky objects under brightest light pollution area

Hello Friends – I have started this blog to provide my views which may help you in your deep sky photography. In modern era most of the people stay in apartment/buildings in highly light polluted Cities like i am staying in Singapore Class 8 Bortle Light pollution ,

i will go throughout details how to check this in upcoming post – Please check here – How to check cloudy details and you sky light pollution details , but i don’t regret about light pollution because ,these lights makes us safe stay. So i take this light pollution as a challenge to pursue my hobby of deep sky photography.

No backyard ?? But We have Balcony or Window !!!

Please Note – I cant even travel out from class 8 bortle to 6 or 7 near by dark site – In order to go out i would need to do immigration !!!! REALLY !!! But believe me you can do deep sky astrophotography in such scenario as well without travel , trust me !! YOU CAN !!!

So I was saying about the apartments and buildings , All of them doesn’t have backyard or own space to arrange our astro stuff /gears . Lazy persons like me doesn’t wanted to do go into free space or beach area to arrange all gears in night , also after office hours can’t feel to go out .

No backyard or free space but most of us has balcony or windows to our apartment with small view, we can utilize that to capture deep sky astrophotography

So I have started to fulfill my hobby with my Small Balcony !!! And i named it as “AstroBalcony” !!!!

I am little lucky that I have east – south view from my balcony. But i would need to wait till objects get raise or set in my time .

You can see how much light I have from my balcony but I am managed to get deep sky objects astrophotography.

My Astrobalcony

You may get amazed to know that under such condition i would able to get the Deep sky object photography – Check here for my NGC5139 photography without light pollution filter.

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