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Deep sky Object photography is very interesting and beautiful, it means capturing the sky objects which are not really easily view or see with naked eyes.

svbony Sv48 refractor best for beginner to do deep sky astrophotography

Best Telescope for astrophotography

When I started astrophotography hobby, I always had questions? Which is the best telescope for astrophotography? Which are different types of telescopes? What is the focal length and how to check the focal ratio?...

skywatcher Az Gti best telescope mount for beginners review

Az gti review telescope mount for beginners

Skywatcher Az gti review telescope mount for beginners After having deep sky astrophotography expertise, I can say that the telescope mount is essential and necessary astrophotography gears. I know we all will agree on...


Astrophotography tips for deep sky imaging under light pollution

Astrophotography is really interesting and challenging under light polluted area . I always follow below tips you may also follow my deep sky astrophotography tips to get excellent result under bright light pollution. If...


Deep Sky Astrophotography without Light pollution filter – NGC 5139

“Can we do deep sky astrophotography in bright light pollution area ?” many people asked me this question , For deep sky objects imaging you would need patience and study . You may check...

deep sky astrophotography checklist

Checklist for deep sky object astrophotography

I always do some research before going for any deep sky object photography. You may follow same steps and checklist before going for astrophotography session. Visit Astrophotography tips for deep sky object photography. to...