How to check Cloudy nights and light pollution details?

astrophotography cloudy nights details light pollution

Hello Friends , deep sky astrophotography needs clear skies and less light pollution but unluckily both are not in our hand and they are very important factor.

sometimes cloudy skies get cleared quickly and we miss that movement, in ordered to utilize every movement we have to be ready with our pre exam study.

Most of the times we ask this question how we can check cloudy sky or clear skies details. I am giving you some simple tips that I follow from my white zone bright light pollution area Class 8 Brotle.

To check sky magnitude and light pollution do below steps.I use Clear outside App, you can download it directly from app store . This aap is the basic need for your astrophotography hobby.

After installation setup your location in location tab and see the magic . You can see cloud details and light pollution details of your area for current and next 7 days

As you see my area has class 8 , in such situations I am able to capture deep sky Astro images. Yes i am not lying You can do deepsky imaging from such highly light polluted area

Red highlighted area in the image shows sky quality .
here i have class 8 bortle hardly see max 40 stars in clear skies night,

Orange highlighted box is time which shows the colours. Red means cloudy sky and you may do your research or watch your favorite astro videos .

When its Orange or green then get ready with your gear its time to do deep sky imaging.

In such light polluted sky i have tried to capture NGC5139 , have a look and enjoy !!! Its really interesting hobby but don’t spoiled just thinking of light pollution.

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