Checklist for deep sky object astrophotography

deep sky astrophotography checklist

I always do some research before going for any deep sky object photography. You may follow same steps and checklist before going for astrophotography session.

Visit Astrophotography tips for deep sky object photography. to get latest deep sky astrophotography tips for beginners.

Checklist for Astrophotography of deep sky objects.

  1. Be ready with your All equipment ready
  2. Get install Clear outside App to check cloudy details
  3. Install SkySafari APP to check location of deep sky object
  4. Check Field of view FOV based on your equipment.

Get Clear Outside App

This app gives information of sky quality and clouds details, you can also get forecast details of next 7 days. How to read Clear outside map and check clear skies. Check how to read cloudy map

astrophotography cloudy nights details light pollution

Get Sky safari APP

This APP is really helpful to get details of each deep sky objects. This APP shows when object is going raise, when sets. Which direction you would need to look and at what exact time, all such details you would get from this AAP. You may also use this aap to connect your mount with ASIAIR.

Deep Sky Astrophotography NGC5139 Skysafari location
Deep Sky Astrophotography NGC5139 Skysafari location

Check FOV based on your Equipment

Check FOV based on your imaging scope and camera on website – astrotools fov site

This website is really awesome to get the idea how much field of view you would get , you would need to enter below details

  1. Deep sky Object details
  2. Your scope details – focal length and aperture
  3. Your camera details

Once you enter all details you would get image with fov.

deep sky object astrophotography NGC5139 FOV details
deep sky object astrophotography NGC5139 FOV details

Based on the data you would have get it from website you can get idea do you need reducer or magnifier Barlow .

I always follow these steps before deep sky Object photography. Hope this info would help in your next deep sky Object session.

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